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Flores: Part One

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by Colin Walker, Virginia Aquarium Hepetologist   We’re in Flores Indonesia, in the western port city of Labuan Bajo. It’s not a large town, but the listing of Komodo National Park in The New7Wonders of Nature has led to an explosion of tourist activity in recent years. The main street is lined with souvenir shops, diving and tour companies, and both Western and Indonesian style restaurants, as well as several construction sites that will soon be new hotels. Motorbikes weave chaotically through traffic and the sound of horns honking is…read more


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Komodo is about as remote as it gets. It is a non-distinct, harsh volcanic island about 150 square miles in size. It is located in the Lesser Sundas which is a chain of islands in southeastern Indonesia that straddles the fault line separating the Asian and Australian continents. A small fishing village and some goat pasture are some of the very few signs of civilization. It possesses a diverse and ruggedly beautiful landscape. One of only seven pink sand beaches in the world is located here due to the presence…read more

Virginia Aquarium Large Cetacean ID: Providing “KRILLer” Information

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Now that the Winter Wildlife Boat Trip season is over, you may be surprised to know that  the Virgina Aquarium & Marine Science Center’s  work leaves a lasting impression. Each season the Aquarium’s Research and Conservation Division  partners with the Education Department to collect scientific data and conduct large whale identification during the trips.